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Professional Pulse Oximeter with Color OLED Screen

Professional Pulse Oximeter with Color OLED Screen

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This pulse oximeter or saturometer is a professional, reliable and easy to use device. It attaches to the finger and allows you to measure in real time the rhythm of your heartbeat and the level of oxygen in your blood for a spot medical check-up at home or on the go.

Strong points

  • Very easy to use, it is controlled with a single button

  • Extremely reliable and precise thanks to its infrared technology

  • Large multi-directional color OLED display

  • Programmable alarm thresholds

  • Design, light and compact, it is easily transportable

  • Energy efficient, automatically shuts off if no signal is detected after 10 seconds


The pulse oximeter or saturometer is a device that measures the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in the blood capillaries, in a simple, reliable, non-invasive and continuous way.

The WHO recently recommended that countries equip themselves with pulse oximeters that can detect a drop in blood oxygenation at an early stage. An important tool for the treatment of patients with Covid-19.

Easy to use

This professional pulse oximeter is very easy to use, it fits painlessly at the end of a finger, is controlled with a simple button and analyzes in real time the frequency of your heartbeat and your oxygen level in the blood.

Professional Pulse Oximeter with OLED Color Screen

Large multi-directional color OLED display

A Color OLED control screen provides information, namely:

  • Pulse at Rest (PR) in beats per minute (bpm)

  • blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) in percentage

  • Percentage Perfusion Index

  • pulse signal intensity (bar graph)

  • the plethysmography curve

  • low battery indicator

The data is displayed in two LED colors on a screen suitable for reading in any light condition.

For more comfort of use the display can be oriented in 4 directions as desired.

Professional Pulse Oximeter with OLED Color Screen

You can also program alarm thresholds to easily detect low oxygen levels, for example.

Professional Pulse Oximeter with OLED Color Screen

Extremely reliable and accurate

This professional pulse oximeter is extremely reliable, thanks to its infrared technology.

Its operating principle is based on the emission of two lights (red and infrared), 660 and 940 nm respectively, and the measurement of their absorption by the pulsatile flow, according to their oxygen saturation.

The absorption of red and infrared light will be variable depending on whether it encounters non-oxygenated reduced hemoglobin (Hb) or oxyhemoglobin (HbO2).

The pulse oximeter calculates the saturation of the pulse flow, eliminating the values ​​corresponding to venous and capillary blood. The result correlates very well with arterial saturation measured by blood gas (SaO2).

The oximeter will also make it possible to measure the heart rate, by measuring the variation of the different blood flows at the level of the extremities.

It measures SpO2 at +/- 2%, PR at +/- 1 bpm and PI at +/- 1%.

Professional Pulse Oximeter with OLED Color Screen

Normal pulse and SpO2 values

Normal saturation is between 98 and 100%, which means that each red blood cell contains 98 to 100% oxygen, the figure can be lowered in the event of acute or chronic respiratory failure.

Lower than 90%, it is a sign of respiratory distress and the supply of oxygen is essential.

Normal pulse values ​​for adults are 60 to 80 bpm.

Heart rate can be expected to increase somewhat with exercise and oxygen saturation to decrease slightly (however, it should remain at 90% or higher).


This finger pulse oximeter can thus be used before and after a sports activity to measure the effort and its influence on the heart rate.

An oximeter is also typically used at altitude to monitor both pulse and SpO2 levels.

Professional Pulse Oximeter with OLED Color Screen

Design, light and compact

Its light weight and its small dimensions allow you to take it everywhere with you, it fits in your pocket.

Professional Pulse Oximeter with OLED Color Screen

Low energy consumption

This oximeter consumes very little power. It works with two AAA batteries which allow it an autonomy of 30 hours.

Its color screen indicates with an icon if your batteries are low.

The device will automatically shut down if no signal is detected after
10 seconds.

Professional Pulse Oximeter with OLED Color Screen

Included in the package

  • 1 pulse oximeter

  • 1 storage case (depending on option)

  • 1 User Manual

Professional Pulse Oximeter with OLED Color Screen


    • Power supply : 2 AAA 1.5 V batteries (not included)

    • Autonomy 30 hours

    • Working current: <30mA

    • Dimensions : 33 x 36 x 58mm

    • Display Type: Multi-directional Color OLED Display

    • Brightness : adjustable

    • Measurement range and accuracy :

      • SpO2 : 35 to 100% (accuracy +/-2%)

      • PR : 30 to 250 bpm (accuracy +/-1 bpm)

      • PI : 0 to 30% (accuracy +/-1%)

      • Plethysmography curve : yes

      • Programmable alarm : yes

      • Age group > 12 years old

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